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Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:02
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Federal Aviation Administration is an agency in the United States. It is an agency under the Department of Transportation. The mandate of the administration agency is to oversee and regulate all aspects of the civil aviation in America. The agency was created in 1958. During the creation, it was known as Federal Aviation Agency. In 1966, the agency was incorporated in the Department of Transportation and hence changed its name from the agency to administration. The administration also regulates the commercial space transport in the United States. It issues, revokes or suspends certificates for pilots in the nation.
The mission declaration of the Federal Administration is to “endow with the safest, as well as the most efficient systems of the aerospace in the entire world. The quantity of funds that are billed to the administration in terms of budgeted amounts has been of assistance to the agency in achievement of its objectives. However, the agency needs to do much more in order to achieve and meet all it has stated in its mission statement.
Proposal Name
The proposed change to the agency that will help the administration achieve its mission objectives in a shorter span of time is the improvement of systems in the flight desks and control towers. This proposal will assist the administration agency in ensuring that the air space transport in the United States is monitored well. The proposal will entail an upgrade of the existing systems and making them topnotch and world best to achieve the mission of the agency.
Need for the Proposal
The proposal is important, both to the agency and to the government. Firstly, the agency has a mission of ensuring that all air transport in the country is efficient, safe and carried out by the most qualified people. The improvement of the system will help achieve this mission faster. Efficient systems translate to quality service delivery. Moreover, America is known and respected all over the world as being a world leader in the invention. A systems improvement will mean that many more nations will copy the agency’s deeds and ensure that their systems relate well with the rest of the world.
In addition, the upgrade of the systems in the flight desks and control towers will help reduce accidents and incidents that occur, as a result, of lack of proper communication between the planes and the towers. The upgrade, therefore, comes in handy in ensuring that communication is real-time and ensures that the plane and the tower are in constant communication. Communication is critical in ensuring reporting of any unusual occurrences that a plane may encounter in its journey, as well as ascertaining the particular location of the plane at a particular time.
When implemented, the project will be very helpful in monitoring and communication between the planes and the operators in the control tower and flight desks. The program will be implemented in phases. The largest and busiest airports will have priority over the small and less busy airports. Since the program is intense, the large airports will give the desired feedback and provide for areas of improvement in the system if needed. The implementation will also be done in a span of five years in the long run. The systems will require an overhaul to be fully compliant and hence the time needed.
First Year Costs
This is conceivable, to the largest part the vital year in the proposal implementation. This is because it will involve the capital installations that will be acquired once in the lifetime of the proposal. The four years after the first initial capital outlay will only see minimal capital injections that will only be useful in improvements to the system. The following is a budgeted first year overheads that will be accrued if the plan is executed:
The machine acquisition is the most expensive in the first year as it will involve getting first class and machines with high efficiency. Installation costs will be incurred as qualified personnel will be incorporated. Personnel will be vested with skills to handle the new system that will integrate all airports better and enhance communication. The system will be maintained annually at accost of $140,000. This will assist in keeping the system up-to-date.
Future Costs (FY 2 to FY 5)
The future costs of the proposal will include replacement costs of substandard materials, system regular update and annual maintenance costs.
Measures of success
The success of the project will be notable by the users, agency and the government. Checks on communication will be a measure of success as the system will boost communication. Decrease in incidents and accidents that are caused by lack of proper systems in the control towers will also be a measure of success.
With numerous upcoming improvements in technology, the system will require routine changes to achieve proper efficiency. The changes will be a boost to the system and will help maintain the proposed system changeover in the best required status and shape.
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