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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:03
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Brainstorming is a great concept and idea that generates important artistic works displaying different themes and messages. It has impacted other sectors positively, as well. Brainstorming in art has been used not only in the process of generating and creating an artistic work, but also in interpreting a finished artistic work. Brainstorming provides a good environment under which new ideas and broad interpretations of artistic features and products are presented.

Creativity and innovation are the most important in the field of art, and through brainstorming it has made the field revolutionize and come up with new ideas and concepts that have put the industry at large in a positive light. It is common knowledge that no one party or person has the monopoly of ideas and views. When people brainstorms, they take the different views and opinions regarding the issue and piece them to together to come with more exciting and interesting product that can stand the taste of time over many years. This is the why many artistic features of the ancient times have recognized great appreciation up to the present times.


Bauhaus is a musical group that has interesting history and past. As far music is concerned, they have had a great and exciting past that has led the group to break up and disintegrate and at later years reunite for the common purpose and goal of entertaining and presenting varied artistic themes. Art as the subject contains many branches and music are among them. Any artistic feature and product are designed with the intention of educating, informing and entertaining and the Bauhaus does exactly that through their band and music. Bauhaus is involved with music post-punk and gothic rock.

The band group has influence popular culture with the vast number of experience that the bad has existed. It presents different musical styles that have been combined to come up with amore influencing and interesting piece of music that has appealed to many musical fans. The style that the group pioneered was later known as gothic rock that excited many fans up to the current times and influenced many musicians at large positively by giving them inspiration.

Sentences that contain a metaphor

i. The world is a stage, and all men and women are players.
ii. He is the black sheep of the group
iii. After passing his exams, he said all was going to be clear skies for him
iv. His figure is food for her eyes
v. The artistic piece is the mother of all paintings in the ancient era
vi. The design of the sculpture is the heart of the piece.
vii. The color of the material is the light of the drawing
viii. The height is the building is the advocate of its greatness
ix. The polishing of the structure is the selling point of the article.
x. The balanced measurements of the dimensions of the figure is the standing point of the structure

What I think about Jazz music

Jazz music is slightly different music most of the music types that exist in the world. The influence and people that listen to and are fun of jazz music has increased drastically. Jazz music has a great history and has encompassed all types and genres of music. It has entailed many improvisations and this has made it difficult for it to be classified and categorized with other types of music. It is music that entails minimal verbal words and, therefore, relies on instruments so as to display and give a flavor to its audience. Jazz music, therefore, requires an in-depth analysis in terms of interpretations of the instruments being played to create meaning of the jazz music being played. This equates to other types of artistic features that have required in depth study so as to derive meanings and sense from the products.

Two diaries as a visual arts student

The first diary is derived from the use of color to enhance and facilitate good art products and features. Many art products that I have seen that are described and presented as great have used balanced approach in color that has facilitated such items to display and bring out the themes and messages in them. Color has to be chosen and used carefully in most artistic products that require the use of color. As a visual arts students, choosing the right color and material for the products enhances the overall work done. Having a balanced approach where bright and dark colors are used strategically to relay and give meaning to the artistic products will enable create good artistic products that enhance the possibility of becoming a great and respected artist. I will use the information learnt that relates to color techniques to produce exceptional work.

The second diary reflects on the use of light to enhance positive artistic features, and products. Visual arts subjects have many alternatives that can apply the many elements taught in practice. Film and video production have used the concept of light to relay and reinforce certain messages in their production. Manipulation of light in many artistic products especially falling under the broad category of visual arts can improve into a quality product. In the future, I expect to apply the information especially in video and film production, which I have generated much interest in the present times after being empowered with knowledge of the different visual artistic techniques. In the future, with increased technology and techniques that have facilitated the production of different visual artistic products; this information will contribute greatly to the success that I anticipate.

Heidi Strauss

Heidi Strauss has contributed greatly to the art especially dance music and dance lessons. As a dance artist, she has taken that passion to a great height and dedicated most of her life and time with issues to do with artistic dance. She has performed in most theatres and opera where she has choreographed in many pieces and has resulted in her to winning many awards.

Artistic dance is an idea and phenomenon that is taking shape and route across many societies in the world. Strauss, therefore, has impacted on the field positively in many ways. She trains interested people in artistic dancing and this has contributed to the positive development of the style of art. The passion that she has shown over the years in the process of performing and enhancing not only artistic dance, but arts in general is something that is admired by many that needs to be replicated by other lovers of arts.

Promise as a visual art student

I promise to be applying and actively get involved in developing the subjects of art in general and specifically the visual art products such as painting, drawings and ceramics amongst many that exists. I commit myself to using the locally available materials to produce exceptional work that will display the high skills that I have learnt in class. I promise to participate actively in all matters that will enhance development and growth of the subject not only as a student but also after the studies. I promise to observe all the moral and ethical concerns relating to art in general and become the change agent that is desired and required in the field of art.

Movie Review

Movies are designed to present certain information and entertainment to its audience and viewers. All movies matters and are important in one way or the other. This is because people are different and, therefore, everyone interprets a movie differently. What might look interesting and exciting to one party might appear to be the opposite of another. There are many artistic features that can be analyzed from movies and, therefore to artists, all moves are important because they provide an opportunity to learn and develop ideas that can be used in other areas. Movies are part of the art and entail creativity and innovation, which are the most important features that shape the industry of art in general.


Epicureanism advocates for pleasure and happiness as the intrinsic good that has to attain by living modestly and gaining knowledge of how the world functions. It also encourages one to limit desires. Observing these, it leads to a state of calmness, lack of fear and a painless body. This philosophy and ideology do not apply in to all and has attracted high criticism and debate across many sectors of society. However, many artistic features and products give the above mentioned pleasures of calmness fearless and painless feeling the make one happy and at peace. The idea, therefore, applies in artistic work. This is because many artistic works are simple that display various themes and meanings while at the same time fulfilling the aesthetic parts of the art work. The idea is a good idea even though it does not apply in all contexts of life.

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