Book Review On Critical Response Question

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:19
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Staples, an African American man recounts the manner in which his physical presence caused terror to the whites while moving about Chicago as a graduate student and free citizen. In countering the negative impacts of the white fear he undertook whistling classical music piece from Italian composer Vivaldi. This means that he worked on getting a new identity. This was a contingency to victimless victims for his blackness making him even safer. The dangerous black men did not pay attention to classical music hence, the hope goes. The incongruence between Staples’ stereotype as a predator and his musical choices were aimed at disrupting the implicit as well as unexamined racist prepositions of himself. Steele's book encompasses plenty of stereotypes which are mostly the beliefs that people hold dear in terms of the different social groups as well as how the beliefs influence their attitudes and abilities in the long run. this is described on the basis of the author comes across the brand-new psychological phenomena which is also termed as a "stereotype threat" in terms of how the phenomenon is fundamentally changed by the psychologists think shaping the lives.
Steele’s work leads to a conclusive body of stereotype threat research on the identity contingencies’ effects. Immediately the stereotype object is aware of negative perception undertaken by her, the levels of awareness constraints the manner in which there is an ability of increasing performance. On the other hand, it is notable that Steele describes the connection between stereotype threat and identity contingencies as constant background that processes the developments of utmost performance levels. For the extra processing techniques, the invisibility to plain systems impacts on the video experience as well as the cognitive version which compromises the overall functioning of the human bodies. As formally defined, the stereotype threats are the situational predicaments experienced in situations in which people are judged by and treated with respect to self-fulfill negative stereotypes for the group at hand. This also translates into profound behavioral observation in terms of academic and intellectual performance which is not contingent on actual ability and the shared beliefs which people hold with regards to the abilities and performance of various social groups.
In December 2002, I was a victim of color profiling. The fact that I am of a fairly red skin was taken to mean that I am a Red Indian and hence treated as a minority. In the end, the restaurant I was eating at denied me access to their washrooms. This was a demoralizing experience as even after an hour of arguing with the management, no positive fruits were borne. I understand that it is right and just to treat all people with fairness and equality. Fortunately, Steele proceeds to explicate the various dilemmas arising in most American’s lives based on the issues of identity. The experience in this case is of a white student who has grades steadily dropping in the African American Studies lessons while the female engineering students decide on whether or not to predominantly attend professional male conferences. The Whistling Vivaldi provides powerful insight into the way people develop their senses of identity as well as ultimately laying out plans of mitigating negative “stereotype threat” effects in terms of reshaping the American identities. The other important component of the book is the documentation of techniques and tasks in countering, reducing or reversing the negative effects of such stereotypes. Chapter nine describes this research through particular focus on self-affirmation that entails the encouragement of people in asserting positive qualities where the people possess similar aspects prior entering testing situations.

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