Biomedical Engineering Personal Statement Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:33
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I always knew that there is something fascinating and interesting about the application of engineering techniques to the human body. Similar to the main purpose of all engineering subjects which is to improve the quality of life, the main aspect of biomedical engineering that caught my interest rooted from the opportunity greatly to the advancement of health and well-being. I have been affiliated with the medical program of the University of Toronto that gave me good leverage in terms of familiarity with medical concepts. During my stay in the program I was exposed to different medical innovations such as researches on needles that reduce injuries caused by syringes. I soon became invested in learning about possible medical breakthrough that will eventually change the landscape of not only the profession but also society.
The two subjects that fascinate me the most are Biology and Physics. I like seeing theoretical concept turn into practical applications during experiments. My interests in the field led me to making the most out of every learning opportunity presented for me. During my stay in the University of Toronto, for instance, I was given the chance to familiarize myself with the meticulous connection between genes and diseases. I would often discuss with my professor in detail about my idea of gene therapy. I saw that the specific therapy would be ground-breaking in the future. This idea pushed me to work harder in hopes that one day I would contribute to the unveiling of the true potentiality of genes.
My desire to contribute to the people’s well-being was not only enclosed in the laboratory, but I also immersed myself in volunteer works that deepened my resolve for the course. My goals as a professional are to become a positive influence in the lives of people and remain intellectually challenged. I worked with Grantham Hospital that presented me with the chance to have a close encounter with patients with different medical background. In my current state, I would admit that I am of little help to these people. What I can offer as of the moment is my presence and not treatment. But I saw my lack of knowledge as a motivation to pursue this career in hopes that one day I would be able to change the people’s condition especially the elderly. I was also fortunate to have watched a Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery remove a colon tumour in Queen Mary Hong Kong Hospital. The experience made me realize the significance of technology in the field of medicine. In addition, the dexterity and motor skills of the doctors performing the operation also left me in awe. More importantly, the encounter reinforced my desire to be involved in biomedical engineering.
One of my main leisure interests involves photography. I joined a photography club so that I can meet people who share the same love for the lens. I am also into sports such as Swimming and Thai-Boxing. My love for both my chosen career path and photography led me to conclude that there is a similarity between the two. For example, in photography there are times that you need to be resourceful in order to get a good photo. The same principle applies to biomedical engineering as well, there are times when the solution is not available, and the case will present itself as impossible. But as a profession, you need to look beyond the surface detail and continue to think of innovative solutions because people’s lives are on the line.
I believe that I have prepared myself for this moment when I will embark on the next step of my career. I harnessed my maturity with the help of my experiences in hospital, volunteer works and interacted with people. I am prepared to take on the new challenge that will come my way, because, in the end, it will be fulfilling especially when I finally see patients rising above their medical conditions.

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