Article Review On Women And Revolution

Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:21
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Women participated in various ways in revolutions in the 18th century. Traditionally, the roles of women were restricted within their homes. However, the political and social havoc of the 18th century gave them an opportunity to extend their influence beyond the home. Particularly, they were directly involved in the revolutions in various ways (Women in the French Revolution). For instance, they offered financial resources to enhance the revolutions. Furthermore, they also supplied food products for those who were involved in the rebellions. Moreover, they played an important role in establishing the necessary infrastructures to facilitate the revolutions. In addition, women offered reinforcements for the troops. Lastly, women also played a crucial role in offering nursing services to the wounded (Lesley).
Women’s participation in the revolutions resulted in considerable changes in the long-run. For instance, the perception of the position of women in the society changed. Their position was no longer restricted within their homes. Besides, it paved way for recognition of equal rights between men and women. During the revolutions, segregation was a major problem (Women in the French Revolution). Therefore, class was a limitation on the involvement of women in the revolutions because women of different classes and skin color could not work together towards achieving a common goal. This was a big setback, because their men counterparts worked together in sabotaging the efforts of women in seeking equal rights for women (Brewster, 27).
In conclusion, like in the French and other revolutions, women played a significant role in the American Revolution. Whereas the husbands were fighting at the war front, women took the responsibility of maintaining their families. However, others took an active role in organizing other women to be directly involved in the revolution. Various accounts have been made with regard to women’s involvement in America revolution (Brewster, 30).
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