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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:52
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For History Class
- What do thinkers see as enlightenment? What makes it possible? What hinders it?
Enlightenment is the emancipation of the human minds from the baleful clutches of blind faith and dependence. It brings human race on the verge of embarking upon a new path which would be guided by knowledge and reasoning. Thus, the mind would be freed from the prejudices and rituals to bring in the new era of advancement. The societal institutions, which have for long influenced the lives of innumerable people, stand in opposition to the emancipation of human mind and independence.
- What do they criticize?
The thinkers vehemently critique the tendency of succumbing to blind beliefs and faith. These things make the human mind get constricted within the dungeon of dependence and people fail to comprehend their own potential. Rather, if these people can depend on their own thinking and knowledge to come to conclusions.
- How do they want to change the world? Consider ideas, institutions, values, and behaviors.
The philosophical thinkers want to transform the world and the way in which people live their lives. They aim at instilling courage in the hearts of the people to start questioning the erroneous institutions which keep the human race contained. It is through comprehension of the link between the various discourses and their commonality that the people can find the Pandora’s Box of knowledge and enlightenment. Their behaviors and values would reflect their emancipated ideas and the world will be a better place.
- What do Enlightenment thinkers perceive to be their relationship to the past?
The thinkers of Enlightenment believe that it is of utmost importance to understand the links between the past and the present to weave a better future. Knowledge grows cumulatively and hence the people should be made aware of the advancements in the different discourses of learning. Thus, a better future can be ensured.
- Do they want on envision revolution? Explain why or why not.
The thinkers envision a revolution of the human mind. Together the people can change the very nature of the society. People would hence be emancipated from dependence and blind beliefs. They would be thinking and taking decisions for themselves and thus they would progress as individuals. This is a revolution of sorts where no man can fool others taking resort of institutions and prejudices.
- What justifications do these authors give for wanting to change conditions from the status quo?
Small pox, which was at that time a fatal disease, took innumerable lives all across the West. It was termed as the plague and their seemed to be no remedy to it, while there was actually vaccination available in Turkey for the disease. If this vaccination was known all over the lands, then many lives could have been saved from perishing in the ominous disease.
- How are science and Enlightenment principles applied to the people’s everyday lives?
The vaccination was a scientific discovery and Enlightenment urges the human race to shed the prejudices and embrace knowledge and reason. Thus, a widespread knowledge about the vaccine would have meant that gazillion lives would be saved. A disease which was known for taking lives mercilessly could well be nullified of its fatality. This would mean a great advancement for the human kind.
- Do you agree with these applications? Why or why not?
These applications are supportable as they are steps toward advancement in the discourse. New experimentations are a step toward finding the solutions to major problems. It is through search for knowledge that the human race can overcome the obstructions which impede its way.
- Do the changes have any value today? Why or why not?
These changes have immense value in the present context as they inspire people to continue the journey on the path of knowledge and science. The greatest achievement of human nature can never lie behind us. Thus, it is only though tenacious work and inspired zeal that the hindrances which surround our lives can be overcome.

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