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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:26
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The first person is a sixteen year-old Caucasian girl. She is very tall and thin. She has bright orange medium length hair, wears black jeans and a lace see-through shirt. You can see her bra, which is black. She is also wearing converse all star black sneakers. She has a black hat on her head and her nail polish is also black. Her makeup is discrete. As for jewelry, there is a silver bracelet on her right wrist.

I believe that she wants to be treated like an individual and that her style is eccentric. I don't know what her personality is like, but I think that she may be shy and wants to hide that by making people feel awkward when she is around, or to change her personality by wearing unusual clothes.

She is a teenager and I think that she wants to present herself as a rebel. I believe that because of the fact that she is growing up, she is trying to find herself and experiment with her image. Her clothes are neither cheap, nor expensive and I think that she comes from an intellectual family. Her parents are probably liberal and give her a lot of freedom. I think that she believes in democracy and that she might be an atheist. I feel that this girl is happy and that the black color on her represents freedom.

These assumptions say that I am a person who values individualism, democracy and freedom of expression. I also believe in God and I made the assumption that she doesn't because her outfit is too extreme for my taste.

The second person is a Caucasian girl in her twenties. She is not tall, but has a well-proportioned body with curves. She is wearing high heals, a knee-length tight black skirt, a black tight shirt and a black Prada bag. The color of the shoes is red. She also has big black sunglasses, hair in an updo, French manicure on her nails and a red lipstick. She also has a necklace with a cross.

I believe that she wears black because of elegance. She seems to be very feminine and self-confident. Her style is classic, so I think that she might be conservative to some extent. I believe that she is a modern girl, but also respects traditional values, like family, church, friendshipHer cultural background is in my opinion cosmopolitan. I believe that she reads books a lot because she is also carrying a book in her left hand. Her sunglasses show that she takes care about her skin and health, because she is protecting herself from sun. I think that the cross on her necklace shows that she is a religious person. I believe that she is content and satisfied with who she is. I think that her red shoes and red lipstick represent her independence.

The assumptions I made show that I identify black color with dignity and that it is a great value for me. I am also a cosmopolitan and that is why I thought that wearing elegant clothes in a classical style shows a person who could fit in any cultural background. Personal independence is also the quality I value and can associate with red color. I respect traditional values as well and a cross is a symbol of that for me.

The third person is a Caucasian woman in her sixties. She is slim and tall. She has a straight posture. She is wearing glasses. She has a long dark skirt, black shoes with a small heel and a dark shirt with buttons. Her hair is up in a bun and it is auburn. There is a canvas for painting in her see-through bag. She is wearing a wedding ring and has a cross on her necklace.

I think that this woman works out, because of the posture she has. Her hair is not gray, so that I think that she is a modern person because she takes care about herself. She might be an artist. I think that the wedding ring represents her belief in traditional values as well as her cross. Her minimalistic style clothes make me think that she doesn't want people to pay too much attention to her body because of her spirituality. I think that she is self-satisfied and very intellectual.

My assumptions about this woman show that I believe that working out is not only for young people and makes older people stay in good shape as well. Again I notices signs of traditional values such as a cross and a wedding ring, which shows that I believe in tradition. I also admire people who are spiritual, because that means that they are individuals as well. I think that only people who are self-confident and self-accomplished can wear minimalist style clothes and I admire such people

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