Argumentative Essay On Is College Worth It

Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:59
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America today faces several issues in its college education system. There are diferent reasons behind these problems. Several study reports suggst that majority of American youngsters is in favor of pursuing college education but they fail to do so because of several reasons. Today this issue has been emerged as a major concern not only for the academicians but also for those who want to see amrica’s future bright (Bledstein).
America has an expensive education system that prevents a large number of people from pursuing higher education. Tution fee and other expenses in American colleges are very high and the same keeps rising every year. There are several reasons of higher education expenses in America. The expense and cost of education varies from one institute to another educational institute. Operating costs are gone higher in today’s times especially in private colleges that are revenue based (Altbach & Knight).
Government, on the other hand, is not in condition to fund all the educational institutes due to economic recession, growing expenses and several other reasons. Doing Research in any educational institute has become unnecessarily expensive. Research is inevitable for the safety and development of any country but in America government expects people to do research at their own expenses and then work for the government. Elementary education is not the solution of problems and college is must for American people and their future (Taylor and Pew Research Center).
Economic recession of recent times has left America in economic troubles. It prevents youngsters from getting good jobs and they cannot afford their expenses. Americans are unable to pursue higher education due to lack of money. The educational institutions are charging hefty amount of fee that forces Americans to rethink about pursuing the college education. Especially when these youngsters see that only pursuing college education is not sufficient for getting good jobs (Lucas).
Considering a number of problems, people started saying that going college is waste of time and money. A large number of people say that college is not worth it. People say that there are several people who did not go to college but performed very well in their life. Apart from this, college is expensive and not everyone can afford the college education. College education needs ample money and time and there is no guarantee that after investing so much time and money, people will get a good job.
These people argue that college is not the solution and instead of investing time and money, youngsters should try to be more skilled and prove themselves. There are several eminent people in different fields who did not attend college but they are considered as benchmarks due to their hard work and devotion in their respective works. A number of people did phenomenal tasks and lack of college education did not stop them from achieving bigger goals.
In order to get good paying jobs, American youths need college education. They deserve better jobs, better earnings and a better life. American youths are facing several challenges due to lack of college education and they feel deprived of their rights due to lack of college education. It has been observed in a number of cases that companies give jobs to those who are well educated. Undereducated people do not get chance to work at good positions and even if they get a job, they are not well paid.
Steps to be taken
American policy makers need to examine this issue in more serious manner because this issue affects the future of the nation. If our educational institutes are not producing more educated and skilled people how do we expect to be safe in future. America needs more concentration on the issue of college education and any apathy on this issue will make the situation worse (Kogan & Hanney).
Higher education must be provided as a part of fundamental right and America must pay attetion on this issue without further delay because intervening in other countries is not as important as providing college education to our own people. If we can not give them good education what would do we expect from them to do for the safety and in the interest of America (Alexander).
American people need an educational system that makes them skilled and competent enough to take care of America’s safety, security and interests. If America provides even free education to its citizens, there is no any harm or loss to American government and the same should be provided as soon as possible. American youngsters require more effective higher education system and this completely is unavoidable in the interest of United States of America (Teichler).
After having observed the succinct analysis of the above mentioed subject, it can be concluded that united states of America needs some major changes in its education system. American youngsters need a collge education for their better future. American youngsters fail to pursue higher education merely because it is expensive and they can not afford higher education. America needs to provide free or cheaper higher education system to its citizens. An affordable education system is also the demand of time and it is in the interest of country’s future and security.
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