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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:36
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George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer is from New Rumley, Ohio, but spent most of his childhood life in Monroe, Michigan along with his half-sister. Custer was enrolled in West Point right after he graduated from high school in where he completely failed to recognize himself in an optimistic way. His duty was to be an officer of the guard during that time. However, he failed to fulfill his tasks when he was not able to stop the fight between the cadets. He went to a court-martial, but was saved due to lack of military officers as it was the Civil War outbreak./>
Custer became the Seventh Cavalry’s lieutenant-colonel in July 1866 and led the cavalry after a year during the untidy campaign to fight Southern Cheyenne. Later in 1867, he was court-martialed for the second time due to his absence from his duty while the failed campaign against South Cheyenne was ongoing and as a punishment, he was suspended from his duty. He went back to redeem himself after he was called back by General Sheridan in 1868 and attacked the Black Kettle’s band on Washita Riverbanks. Custer became successful in proving himself after he went back to service. In addition, he led the expedition against Lakota in 1876 along with General George Crook and General John Gibbon. In his leadership, he did more what he had to do and proved himself better. His mistaken actions gained him undying fame (
General John Pershing
Born on September 13, 1860 in Missouri, General John Pershing spent years in Prairie Mound, Missouri as a teacher. He entered to an examination for a West Point appointment in 1882 and due to his cleverness, he won the examination and appointed to West Point. Although Pershing is just an average student, his leadership qualities were noted by his officers and soon elected as a class president in 1886. He led the Cadet Corps when it crossed to Garrison from west Point through Hudson to present their arms during Ulysses Grant’s funeral passed by. During his military career, he performed leading edge duty to fight Apache and Sioux from 1886-1890 in which he won a Silver Star Medal. He also fought in 1898 during the Cuban War as well as fighting against the Moro insurrectionist in 1903. Due to his leadership excellence, he was promoted as a Brigadier General in the year 1906.
General Pershing led the Meuse-Argonne, which became a successful offense of 1918. He then became the Chief of Staff of the United States Army in 1921because of his outstanding contributions to the United States Military ( His legend gave a good foundation to modern military practice as he was able to exercise what is a good military leader should be.
Teddy Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York on October 27, 1858. He came from a Dutch family who settled in the United States in 17th century. He studied in Harvard College, where he spent his four years college life and continued a year of his education in Germany. Teddy immediately entered the world of politics after finishing his studies and was elected to New York State Assembly. Held the office for three years, he depicts himself as a passionate reformer. Because of his wife’s illness, Teddy left the politics in 1884 and was inactive in his career for some time. Going back to the politics after the death of his wife, he was appointed by President Harrison as a member of Civil Service Commission and later became the president of the office until 1895. He was appointed by President McKinley as the Navy’s assistant secretary. During that time, he actively prepared the Navy for the Cuban War in which he predicted will be happening and broke out in 1898 ( He led the successful war and became the Governor-elect of New York in the same year.
After being elected as the new United States president, Roosevelt made a huge reform in the government as well as the military such as playing his part in extending the arbitration use to international problems in Western Hemisphere. He also offered his office to be a negotiator between Japan and Russia asking some individual groups to nominate a diplomat to be a mediator for peace between the two countries. As an orator, historian and biographer, Teddy made a big influence to American history because of his exemplary leadership (
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