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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:59
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Dear Mr. Fitzsingh,
I would like to attend the ‘2014 Employee Engagement Conference’ which will be held from the 23rd to 25th of July at the Toronto Sheraton Conference Center. The main aim of the conference is to create engaged employees who are self-motivated, have a connection to the team and organization, who are constantly moving up the ladder and who understand their roles well.
Owing to the problems that our company is facing with employees such as lack of job satisfaction, low productivity and decreased quality of products, I believe that this conference will equip me with the necessary skills to face these challenges. After the conference, I will hold an internal workshop to share my newfound knowledge with all the employees so as to increase their engagement.
The conference will be made up of various sessions such as, promoting and rewarding employees, how to create an emotional connection with employees, fast tracking internal mobility, communicating organizational goals, measuring and rewarding performance among others.
Research shows that the biggest driver of employee engagement is a deep personal and emotional engagement to their work and their company (hci, 1). This conference will teach managers on how to create an emotional connection with their employees. This will be very beneficial to our company as it will reduce job dissatisfaction among our employees as this is the root of the reduction of the quality of our products. Furthermore, the company stands to benefit as our employees will then be more creative and be able to give our customers the best service.
There will also be a session on how managers can communicate organizational goals, mission and vision to their employees. This will enable our employees to provide “customer service that promotes loyalty and return businesses” (hci, 1) and be brand ambassadors, this will in turn boost the revenues of our company. This communication is also important in the creation of an emotional connection to the company by employees which will increase their motivation and zeal to work.
Manager accountability and performance is another driver of employee engagement that will be discussed at the conference. Managers will be taught how to measure the performance of employees against organizational goals effectively and also how to create reward programmes. This will increase the motivation of the employees as they will see that their efforts are being noticed and appreciated by the management.
The conference will also highlight how to fast track employee movement up the career ladder. This includes holding constant workshops and giving employees a chance to further their education. This will give the company access to a highly trained workforce that will be able to carry out their activities better and thus increase the revenues of the company. The employee retention levels will also increase as there will be more job satisfaction among our employees leading to a reduction in the number of employees that quit their jobs.
I firmly believe that if I attend this conference the company will benefit immensely. I will be able to solve the problems that the company is facing due to the recent job and budget cuts by increasing employee engagement that will in turn increase the profit that our company makes. The cost of the conference is $550 which should be paid before the 31st of February. I look forward to your positive reply in a week’s time so that I can be able to make the necessary arrangements.
Human Resources Manager
“Three Key Employee Engagement Drivers that Promote Increased Performance, Retention, and Organizational Growth.” Human Capital Institute. N.d. Web. Retrieved 16th February, 2014

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