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Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:53
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The analysis has provided a general idea of the business as well as the external environment factors that are likely to affect the business in various ways. Exploring both the internal and external factors that impacts business operations and success are necessary and this analysis paper has touched on all these important aspects. The analysis is also detailed and conducted thoroughly. Analyzing the external environmental factors (PESTEL analysis) to understand factors that affect the business operations and general market including the economic, legal and social issues has outlined the general overview of what to expect in case the company decides to diversify its operations in Norman town. This also gives an outline on the opportunities and threats that exist in the market and likely to affect the operations of the business. The presentation of the findings is also clear and thorough according to the current market trends as well as the involved social economic impacts that the business is likely to impact on the new market thus making the analysis convincing to the reader.
Apart from the clarity on the company and market structure, the paper has addressed financial statistics and demographic factors to support their analysis, a step which makes the report more convincing to the reader. This makes the analysis logical and Addressing the industry analysis is however unclear as the analysis is more of Porter’s five forces. In addition, some sections in the SWOT analysis are not well addressed. I would recommend the opportunities section to be more detailed as the paper has addressed the expansion program that Aloft hotels undertook but it does not indicate why this is an opportunity. More research on SWOT analysis section is also essential especially in the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Expansion of the break even analysis would also be recommendable as a way of indicating the projected income from various sections such as the sales of the hotel rooms, sale of foods among other factors as the summary provided is generalized and a bit hard to believe that the hotel is going to achieve these financial projections.
The presentation of the analysis is appealing and arrangement of each section provides the reader with general knowledge on the main idea of the report. The general flow of important sections is appealing as important are clearly discussed and outlined in a clear manner. The points in each section has led the reader to the next section thus making the report appear to be one coherent documented written and presented by an individual person. However, the spacing between each section need to be reduced so as to provide a coherent flow between the pages so as to ensure the flow of the whole report is consistent. Providing the executive summary is essentially important as it gives the reader a general picture of what the report will be discussing. This is also strengthened by providing a conclusion that summarizes the whole report hence making the report more appealing convincing to the reader. A few grammatical errors however, need to be addressed such as the punctuation marks like commas, as a way of making the statements ore concise especially in the ‘new entrants’ section. The paper also requires proof reading to correct a few grammar errors in terms of verb- tense combination especially in the SWOT analysis and Conclusion sections. I would give this paper 85 percent because, apart from the few punctuation and errors in tenses, this report is appealing and has covered the vital internal and external environments that are essential in considering expanding the company’s operations.
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