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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:21
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I have always wanted to work closely with children in an intellectually stimulating environment, and, in my opinion, a career of a middle school educator is the best way to achieve this. Being an educator in a middle school, one has a great chance to teach and to gain some knowledge simultaneously, as middle school children are the best ones to learn from. They have so much enthusiasm and passion for life, something that grown ups have already forgotten about.
I realize that being a teacher in a middle school might be quite a challenge, however I am ready to accept it. You cannot imagine how appealing the idea to work with kids during their formative years sounds to me. What can be more interesting than observing young children growing up and becoming young adults. Middle school children are at the very important point in their development — on the way from childhood to adolescence, and I would love to be the one who can help them in such a crucial period of their lives. I remember myself during such a period, when things begin to change inside and around you, as well as I remember the necessity of right people around. I would love to be such a person for middle schoolers, always ready to respond to their feelings and issues. And no matter what it will take me, having a great passion to it, I am sure that I will become a professional I want to be.
My commitment to advance in education was reinforced during my last years at Mosnignor Farrell High School. At that point I knew that I want to devote my life to Schools and Education, so I started paying more attention to teachers, the way they talk and behave with students. I saw that sometimes it might be very hard to find an individual approach to every student, but they did their best, and usually the results were worth it.
After finishing the University I would like to practice and apply the knowledge I have gained in one of the schools as an educator. Although I have a clear understanding that it is going to be very complicated, I strongly believe that when shooting for the sun, one has a great chance to land among the stars.
Thank you for your attention.

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