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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:21
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Choosing to complete your bachelor’s degree at X is a major life decision. Looking back over your life, what do you see as the major events, experiences, accomplishments, and failures that have brought you to where you are today?
Born and brought up in Kenya until I was seven years old, I had to move to Sweden along with my parents. They made the decision to move to Sweden with little or no input and discussion with me. In retrospect, now I do understand and concur with their resolution to uproot the entire family and move across the continents. However, my feelings and reactions as a child were mixed and helpless as there is not much I could do one way or another.
As a seven years old child, I was first elated and excited about the move to a new country. However, the excitement did not last long as very soon I realized to be in the midst of total strangers. I was devastated to lose all my playmates and friends back in Kenya. I had to start all over again in making acquaintances and friends in a strange country with equally strange looking people. It was difficult, but I did not give up. In a short period, I was able to chalk up good many number of neighborhood children as my associates, playmates or friends.
In my whole life thus far, I have been in environments where I have had the privilege of being among different cultures and nationalities. My growing up, playing and school years have been spent in the midst of many cultures and with people who are from different nationalities. I was always able to cope and adapt to my constantly changing environments and I strongly believe that I have a great ability to adapt. It has helped me to be very open-minded person who can always find common, comfortable, and pleasant environments in diversity and multiculturalism.
Successful completion of the X University BA degree requires the ability to be self-motivated and engage in independent learning. Drawing from similar situations in the past, describe how you motivate yourself to learn, especially when faced with challenging material.
I strongly believe that I am very resourceful in motivating myself to accomplish the tasks in general and shaping a path forward for my larger aspirations in life. As stated earlier, life threw a curve ball at me when I was seven years old in form of having to make new relations and friendships in an alien land. My deep and unbending self-motivation prompted me to go all out in accomplishing the task of establishing novel relations, friends, and associates.
For seven years old, it has been very challenging and extremely difficult to adjust to new school environment, teaching methods and teachers in Sweden. In the beginning, I thought that it is impossible to catch with rest of my colleagues in class in terms of academic achievements in school. However, I was determined to succeed and availed myself of every and all opportunities for learning, be it from my parents, friends, or the schoolteachers. I did not hesitate to ask questions when I had to in getting a better understanding of the subjects in school.
There were days when I had to study literally for hours without much time for playing and hanging out with friends. I was reading and researching constantly about my school projects. My self-motivation and commitment to learning at that early age helped me a great deal in overcoming many challenges in my completion of school years in Sweden. I am proud to say that completed my primary, secondary and high school education in Sweden without being detained despite having gotten a late start. In summary, I faced many hurdles early in life with regards to adjustment to new surroundings and school. My self-motivation and drive for independent learning helped me face the challenges successfully.Looking forward, describe your educational, career, and personal goals and how the completion of your bachelor’s degree at X can help you accomplish those goals.
My career goal and aspirations for many years have been to seek and complete higher educational studies in Business Management. To my advantage, I have been studying Business in the X University for the past XX years, which gave me the perfect foundation for my further studies. It is something that will be normal for me because I have been doing this for the last several years of my education. As much as I see the difficulties within this field, I do not see any hard or insurmountable problems that can prevent me from accomplishing my career goals and aspirations. I am a determined young man and see the present situation as a great starting point. I do believe that hard work will lead me to my final aim in life, which is finding a career in Business Administration.
My utmost desire in life is to help other people and myself, for the reasons of becoming a stronger person through others. Many people helped me in early life and as such believe in not only helping others but also understanding how humans function and work. Accepting me into your Business Administration program would give me the confidence of expressing my heart’s desire, which is to graduate with a B.A in Business Management and take on the world with my wish to find a good career.
The entire story of my life has been full of challenges and hardships. I already alluded to some of the early childhood hardships and school year challenges.
There were other challenges and hardships as well that I endured in life. My parents originate from X which makes my mother tongue X. My second and third languages are Swedish and English. Having a good command over three languages may sound very exciting, but it has not been easy to adjust to three languages from early childhood. Oftentimes, I used to mix up words from one language into another without much realization. Over the years, I became an expert and now hardly get confused while speaking any of the three languages.
I am a young man who is ambitious, and very hard working. In addition, I always think positive. I am a devoted person who enjoys working in a team of productive people and on my own, if so required. I am deeply motivated to learn new things and to succeed. I am always looking for new challenges to garner and accumulate accomplishments. I am a trustworthy person who enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Needless to emphasize, I have excellent communication skills in three languages. I am very punctual and pursue my studies with devotion and seriousness.
Following graduation with social science in year 2012, I somehow lost my hunger and strive because of the life challenges. In retrospect, I should have put more efforts in self-motivation or changing my study environment. I now understand that changing environments may be needed in order for me to grow and reach the heights in life I desire to reach.
In summary, now I believe that the only thing I want to do is to study and I want become the best student I can be. The multicultural, diversity that X offers is incredibly impressive, and I do appreciate it given my background. I have always been around different cultures and languages. The education this school can provide will be the driving force for me to reach my goals. I sincerely request that you give my candidacy serious consideration and look forward to further discussions.

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