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Click for larger view The Stone Soup Community Garden Project is a Proposition 10 funded project managed by the Sacramento County Women Infants and Children program and the Families Committed to Activity and Nutrition Community Task Force. The Families CAN Task Force began meeting over 2 years ago in an effort to combat the rising rates of childhood obesity.

Research showed a significant problem with accessibility to good fresh fruits and vegetables in the Del Paso Heights area and a significant increase in the percentages of obesity especially in lower income areas. The Task Force, which is comprised of various community organizations including Head Start, Health Education Council, WIC, ACORN, Health Net, Blue Cross, Sacramento County DHHS and the Hunger Commission, decided upon the development of a community garden as their first project.

Two years later we have the funding and are working out the final logistics of the land. We hope to serve at least 70 multicultural families with children in the 0-5 age range and offer free community classes at the garden site 5 days a week. The garden will be free of charge with the commitment of maintaining the garden as a group and attending classes each month. We hope to have a beautiful, blooming garden by Spring of 2003 and share our success at a Harvest festival in the Fall 2003.

For information please contact:
Laurie Green, MS, RD
811 Grand Avenue, Suite A1
Sacramento, CA 95838
(916)641-5590 x 2
[email protected]

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